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Compact Wallet

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The Compact wallet is capable of holding 13 credit cards, folded notes and receipts whilst remaining incredibly slim.


The outer pockets of the compact wallet are made from wood leather. Wood leather is made from thin sheets of wood bonded to a fabric using an environmentally friendly adhesive. To make the material pliable, small micro laser etchings are applied, leaving a soft leather-like touch. The wood leather reduces the kg CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by about 60% compared to a square meter of leather.

The inner section is made from apple leather. Apple leather is created using 50% apple waste and 50% polyurethane to create a soft but durable material.

The apple by-product comes from Bolzano in Italy, one of the world’s largest apple-producing regions. Due to the shear scale, it is faced with a significant amount of waste. The leather up-cycles the unused apple and creates this new material that has considerably less CO2 impact compared to others faux leathers on the market.

Both materials are made in Italy and are vegan.

The lining is made from Cupro satin. Cupro is a “regenerated cellulose” fabric made from cotton waste. It is made using the silky cotton fibres, known as cotton linter, that stick out of the cotton seed and that are too small to spin. The linter is dissolved into a cuprammonium solution, which is a mixture of copper and ammonium, before being spun into fibre. Like Tencel and Modal, Cupro is a plant-based material that is chemically processed to produce the fabric.


L - 110mm
W - 70mm
D - 7mm

- Designed in London, made in Bucharest, Romania
- Polyester stitching
- Hand-painted edges
- Silver embossed Oliver Co lettering on inside pocket

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